The majority of my clients are people over 40, who want to make sense of their life and its transitions: where they come from, where they are and where they are going. They might have specific issues: depression, anxiety, work, relationships, health challenges, aging parents, substance abuse and other addictive behaviors.  Their history might include trauma in childhood or later in life, and multiple losses.

My background includes 20 years in corporate settings before becoming a psychotherapist in 1996, personal psychotherapy, and more recently, supervising psychotherapy interns. Having studied and worked in the US and Holland, I am sensitive to the experience of being an immigrant or living with one. Finding a therapist who is right for you is important, and I want you to feel free to call me and discuss any questions you may have.

Areas of expertise include:

    • Individuals over 40, including issues of midlife and later
    • Gay men
    • Trauma, loss, and grief
    • The immigrant experience
    • Legal issues: life on hold